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Icon Man Disabled by Severe Multiple Sclerosis

Posted :  4/20/2011 6:26:19 PM  |






Man Disabled by Severe Multiple Sclerosis Still Waiting for His Benefits A prime example of Social Security's tough standards for approving claims is the case of Mr. Robert Veneziali. He is a 38 year old applicant for disability benefits who is diagnosed with rapidly progressing Multiple Sclerosis. After applying for benefits, he was turned down and told that his case could be re-examined in another 18 months. Desperate for assistance, he turned to his congressman Rep.

John Hall. Hall called for a federal investigation and stated that the treatment of people like Veneziali was “unconscionable.” Another case we are dealing with in California involves a claimant who is diagnosed with end stage kidney disease, waiting for dialysis. This claimant has pages of supportive records and statements from his Kidney Specialist. However, his case was initially evaluated and denied by state agency reviewers who were not even doctors. Then, the case was reviewed and denied by a Social Security medical expert who was not a specialist in kidney diseases. Finally when it reached the hearing level, it was reviewed by staff at the San Diego Office of Disability, Adjudication and Review, and was denied an immediate award despite his dire, terminal condition. He is currently still waiting for a hearing scheduled in January 2010 while undergoing dialysis -a condition that should be an automatic award of Social Security benefits under the Administration’s own rules.

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