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Icon CBS Investigates Social Security

Posted :  4/20/2011 6:26:19 PM  |






CBS Investigates Social Security

After a two-month investigation, the CBS report called the denials part of a “system whose own standards have been called into question.”

The Social Security Administration’s recent budget cuts and high staff turnover has resulted in longer back logs of cases, medical experts who are rendering opinions outside their specialties and inexperienced examiners being pressured to disapprove claims in order to keep costs down.

SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue commented that “it's a very tough standard…and you can argue whether that should be the standard or not, but I'm stuck with that." However, feedback from former employees of the Social Security Administration has caused a great deal of distress and apprehension among the disabled. Trisha Cardillo, a former Social Security employee who reviewed over 200 disability cases a month out of Ohio, has stated “we're failing the disabled on a very large scale." She added that "there were a lot of times when I was fighting with management because I wanted to approve a claim…and I had to go through so many steps and - jump through so many hurdles to do that, it just seemed ridiculous." Cardillo explained that in essence, there is a “quota system” in which “each state has different numbers and they know that a certain percentage of people, once denied, will never file an appeal."

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