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Icon The Pursuit of Social Security Benefits

Posted :  4/20/2011 6:26:19 PM  |






The Pursuit of Social Security Benefits in A Culture of Denial In the recent months, high denial rates among those applying for Social Security benefits has been the topic of immense concern.

Investigations into denials of specific cases have caused some to call the Social Security Administration’s strategies a “culture of denial.”

With only a 30-40% approval rate at Initial Application, this doesn’t seem far from the truth. A report published by CBS news stated that most people do not bother to appeal a denial the first time they are disapproved for benefits. Almost two-thirds of all applicants give up after their first denial, meaning millions of Americans who paid into the system and quite possibly were deserving of benefits, never received assistance. Most of those that did continue fighting for benefits were faced with long wait times- lasting over 1 year, and often times, further denials.

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